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Dear Milton Keynes Council,

Regarding planning permission required by MK home owners, exactly what steps need to be taken, by who, when and how? For example: what steps are need for a homeowner to a) erect a new front garden fence, b) build a garage near to a boundary, c) add a 2 storey extension and d) rebuilt a barn for habitation.

Please bullet point ALL the steps that need to be taken; both by the home owner and the relevant authorities AND the various departments within the authorities, mentioning the allowed timescale for each step of the process and who is in control of the quality assurance of each step of the process.

With data going back one year, who was at fault mostly for failures in applications? Where were the failures (what step in the whole process)? Have there been any reasons that are seen to be the most common cause for a failed application?

Yours faithfully,
Leala Marleau

Milton Keynes Council

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Dear Planning Enquiries,

Please can you look in to the below request and respond to the requester with the answers to be dealt with as business as usual.

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Planning Enquiries, Milton Keynes Council

Good afternoon

I have listed below what you would be required to do for planning for the points you have listed in your email.

1) Check Planning constraints at the property using the Milton Keynes Council Website. Planning Constraints can be checked on the Milton Keynes Mapping software at this link below and selecting the my maps tab.

2) Using the Town and Country planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 look up relevant section to see if you can comply with the relevant conditions to see If it is permitted development or not. You can use the website to help with this.

3) If the works fall within the permitted development allowances a certificate of lawful use would be required for legally binding conformation that you are able to build/alter under permitted development criteria/conditions. This stage will take 8 weeks and the decision would be a Planning Officers and signed off by the team leader

4) If the works do not fall within the permitted development allowances you would require a planning application to be submitted to the Council including all relevant plans. The forms and checklist can be found on the Milton Keynes council website at the link below or you can apply online on the website
This stage would take a minimum of 8 weeks if it is a delegated decision by the case officer and signed off by the team leader.

5) If the application has to go to committee/panel rather than being dealt with under delegated powers the time frame may increase to allow for it to be heard. At this stage the officer would recommend a decision and then the group of council members would make the final decision on this.

6)If the application has been refused either by the officer or at committee/panel, then you have the right of appeal. This would go to the planning inspectorate which would then make a decision as to whether the council was right to make this determination based on the Council own policies and planning documents.

5) Consult Building Control for any relevant Building Regulations. You will need to consult Building Control to see if there are any building regulation which would need to be satisfied. Their email address is [email address] or phone on 01908 252721.

For your question regarding failures with in the planning system do you mean why application are made invalid or why application are refused? Unfortunately to collect this data we would have to review all applications submitted over a duration to establish this information. Information regarding invalidation of applications is not publically available information however you would be able to use the public access system to review reasons for refusal for applications by assessing each case via

I hope this is of assistance.

Kind Regards

Jack Johnson-Walker
Planning Enquiry Officer
T:   01908 252358     
E:  [email address]

Milton Keynes Council | Milton Keynes Council | Civic Offices | 1 Saxon Gate East | Milton Keynes | MK9 3EJ 
The above advice, based on the information given, is the opinion of an officer only and is not legally binding on Milton Keynes Council as Local Planning Authority. We recommend that you check the deeds to the property for any covenants (which are separate from planning permission) that may restrict development. 

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