Pirate Radio: Bogusman

Wayne Logan made this Freedom of Information request to Office of Communications

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The request was successful.

Dear Office of Communications,

On 22nd December 2018 (or thereabouts) OFCOM supported by West Midlands Police raided a HF Pirate - Bogusman, transmitting on 6311.8khz.

- What caused the raid? (Was it monitoring, a compliant??)
- What equipment was removed during the raid?
- Were any arrests made?
- Has any prosecution resulted?

Yours faithfully,

Wayne Logan

Emma Leech, Office of Communications

Reference: 00818484
03/01/2020 09:46
Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 9HA

Emma Leech
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Dear Wayne Logan,

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Emma Leech, Office of Communications

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Dear Mr Logan,


Please find attached the response to your information request.


Yours sincerely,


Emma Leech

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