PIPCU and Nominet Domain Redirection/Suspension

Carl Heaton made this Freedom of Information request to City of London Police

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The request was partially successful.

Dear City of London Police,

Regarding the actions (herein defined as redirection-suspension) outlined:



Please provide any/all documentation held in any format in relation to:

1) The process undertaken to assess and classify websites and their content as breaking a law and under which laws PIPCU will seek to have a domain name redirection-suspension.

2) The process undertaken to assess and classify domain names and their DNS records as breaking a law and under which laws PIPCU will seek to have a domain name subject to redirection-suspension.

3) The process undertaken to ensure that a domain name whose partial content is assessed as breaking the law does not through redirection-suspension result in other legal content as becoming unavailable (for example criminality on a specific sub-domain and legality on a different sub-domain, under the same domain).

4) The process through which PIPCU communicates with Nominet to redirect a domain name, what contracts exists for the purpose, and what if any protections have been put in place to protect Nominet.

5) What judicial oversight, transparency and right to redress is built into in the above processes (if not defined within the process documentation themselves).

6) What information is collected or provided to PIPCU in relation to visits to / activity surrounding the domain names prior to redirection-suspension.

7) What information is collected or provided to PIPCU in relation to visits to / activity surrounding the domain names post the redirection-suspension.

8) Data Protection Impact Assessment in relation to the transfer of information relating to redirected domain visitor data being transferred between PIPCU <> Nominet and Cloudflare US <> Nominet <> PIPCU.

9) Specific list of domain names redirected thus far and for each of these the requesting commercial entity, the reason for redirection-suspension, the statistics gathered from the redirection-suspension and if any redirection-suspension decisions have been reversed.

Yours faithfully,
Mr Heaton

FOI, City of London Police

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If you require a check to be made against your conviction history (PNC
check) this check is carried out by National Police Chiefs'
Council Criminal Records Office (ACRO). This check may also be referred to
as Police Certificates, Certificates of Good Behaviour, PNC Disclosures or
PNC prints.

The City of London Police are unable to process this type of Subject
Access Request and such requests must be sent directly to ACRO.



The City of London Police does not provide disclosures for employment
vetting services. If you require a disclosure for UK employment purposes,
please contact Disclosure Scotland on 08706 096 006. Disclosure Scotland
is a government approved agency that provides suitable reports for
employers showing any relevant convictions.

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from common or statute law.


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David Tustin,

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Dear Carl Heaton,

I am writing in response to your request for information, received 9th

Yours sincerely,