PIP: Upper Tribunal Appeals

Mr A Burns made this Freedom of Information request to Department for Work and Pensions

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

The following cases, set aside by the Upper Tribunal, who allowed the appeals, were referred to a fresh tribunal . Please tell me which of these cases were awarded PIP by the new tribunal

CPIP/2559/2015 CSPIP/97/2016
CPIPO/3603/2015 CSPIP/97/2016 `
UK/313/2015 CSPIP/106/2016
CSPIP/109/2015 CSPIP/385/2016

Yours faithfully,

A Burns

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J Roberts left an annotation ()

Of the 8 cases this request concerned:

2 - PIP awarded
3 - existing PIP award increased
1 - nil award maintained
1 - no change in award
1 - decision not yet made

The Guardian:

'According to previously unpublished data held by the DWP, 59% of successful tribunal appeals by applicants for the personal independence payment (Pip) benefit since the start of 2021 were because the tribunal “reached a different conclusion on substantially the same facts”.'