PIP Typical Day Tool / MSE / STAR and cognitive testing

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David Andrew Jameson

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Within the PIP Guidelines there is reference to the HCP and the typical day tool.

1. Please send me the processes and procedure ie training guide of the typical day tool or the working screen shots of it for IAS and Capita

2. If it’s a tool per say please tell me based on a average total percentage of the total number of PIP applications the times it’s been used as a volume and percentage on completed applications

3. Please send me any training the suppliers and / or DWP use for STAR safely timely acceptable standard repeatedly training and development , this might be a hand out, slides, visuals outside the scope of the public available PIP Guidelines and used by the capita / ias HCP or the DWP PIP case manager / decision maker and the associated team. I am aware the suppliers do not make PIP decisions

4. Any training, coaching or development on formal and informal observations either from the DWP and / or suppliers to include the MSE mental state exam and any training, development handouts or slides on how cognitive ability is tested and assessed and against what

5. Any training or handouts / slides by capita /.ias on questioning techniques / reasoning the HCP have to ask questions and examples during an assessment . It would certainly be in the public interest to know what questions the HCP might ask and why as the process is not open, transparent and appears secretive

The STAR method whilst described in the guidelines is public information but there must be associated training but does not seem to be used yet reference is made to it

Yours faithfully,

David Andrew Jameson

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Dear David Jameson,

I am writing in response to your request for information, received 6th

Yours sincerely,

DWP Central FoI Team