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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
Government websites and the DWP have stated that those claimants who have Lifetime awards will not be assessed for PIP until after October 2015.

It has come to light that the DWP has today sent out 35 page questionnaires asking questions about the claimants disability and how it affects day to day living.

It comes with a letter, headed, "About your claim for disability living allowance"

These have been sent to claimants who have been given lifetime awards.

Furthermore, it is stated that a DWP DECISION MAKER will adjudicate if the benefit can carry on being paid, depending on the answers that are given within the questionnaire and states, the claimant could be referred for an independent medical examination.

1/ If the claimant holds a lifetime award why are they being persecuted before October 2015?

2/ If the claimant has not reported a change of circumstances, why are they being sent this questionnaire?

3/ If the claimant has already appealed and is waiting to go to a tribunal, because of an unfair biased ATOS assessment, why would the DWP see fit to make the appellant undergo another equally biased examination before knowing the outcome of the tribunal?

4/ Page 7 of the 35 page questionnaire asks for signed consent to enable the DWP to access GP's records. It gives two squares to allow you to put, either yes or no.
Why would you require consent, given that you have already informed GP's not to issue sick notes to claimants who have been assessed as fit for work?

5/ If PIP was introduced yesterday, why would anyone receive a communication headed, DISABILITY LIVING ALLOWANCE.

6/ Within the questionnaire it clearly states that We, or any health care professional working for an organisation approved by the secretary of state, may ask any person or organisation to give them or us any information, including medical information, which we need to deal with.


Yours faithfully,


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John Slater left an annotation ()


The Access to Health Records Act 1990 explains who can get access to a persons GP records.

The other legislation that could be relevant is the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988 (if someone requests a medical report about you it is governed by this legislation).

GEOFFREY REYNOLDS (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

Cheers John.

The 35 page questionnaire asks for a claimants permission by use of a tick box, to access their GP's records, but the paragraph written before it, infers they can get it anyway....

Ganesh Sittampalam left an annotation ()

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Ganesh - WhatDoTheyKnow volunteer

Gerald Carzer left an annotation ()

Is it possible that Geoff could be reinstated as he does have a lot to offer and we can all make mistakes.

adrian todd (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

This used to be an amazing FREEDOM OF INFORMATION site...

GEOFF REYNOLDS was doing a marvellous job, exposing the Dwps policy against the disabled.......


You must be a " BLESSING IN DISGUISE" to the DWP, all their christmas's came at once!!!!

J Edwards left an annotation ()

This site should be about being able to ask for information, not as a platform for politics. There are plenty other sites for that.

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