PIP Contract Meetings - Minutes & Change Requests

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

The PIP Service Specification FINAL v2.0 section of the PIP Contracts with Capita and Atos states:


47.2. Engagement

47.2.1. Monthly meetings will be held between the representatives of the Authority and the Contractor. The Contractor will ensure that a suitably empowered representative attends these meetings. Such activity will be at no cost to the Authority.

47.2.2. The Contractor will attend strategic meetings to review the overall success of the Contract Lot at the frequency to be determined to discuss:
- operational strategies;
- efficiency opportunities.

47.2.3. The Contractor will attend a monthly contract management meeting to manage this contract and discussions will include but not be limited to:
- agreeing contractual change;
- reviewing contractual performance;
- resolving operational and contractual problems;
- transferring and exchanging information.”

It is normal professional practice that meeting minutes (they may be called something else by the Department) would be created for the meetings prescribed above. Any change requests would also be documented.

RFI1 – Please disclose the meeting minutes for the meetings prescribed in 47.2.1, 47.2.2 and 47.2.3 between DWP and Capita and DWP and Atos that took place in 2018. I do not seek anything that would breach S.40(2) FOIA.

RFI2 – Please disclose the change requests in respect of the 3 PIP contracts that were agreed by the contracting parties in 2017 and 2018. I do not seek anything that would breach S.40(2) FOIA.

Yours faithfully,

John Slater

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