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Dear Motability,

Can you tell me since PIP came in how much have sales fallen by?

Have any dealers left the scheme?

What have been the costs of recovering vehicles which have to be returned as the client is not getting the enhanced rate of PIP?

Are there any costs associated in returning the vehicle when the client wins the PIP appeal?

Yours faithfully,

Abdul Hai

Rossiter, Gail, Motability

Good afternoon,


Motability is not subject to Freedom Of Information requests and I cannot
provide the information you have requested. I have included the most up to
date information about the Motability Scheme and PIP below, including the
number of customers affected. This is also available in a factsheet on
Motability’s website - [1]www.motability.org.uk.


In 2013, the Government launched a new benefit, Personal Independence
Payment (PIP), which is gradually replacing Disability Living Allowance
(DLA) for disabled people aged between 16 and 64. During the reassessment
process and transition from DLA to PIP, some people will lose their
eligibility for the Motability Scheme. Although Motability works closely
with DWP on issues related to the Motability Scheme, Motability has never
had any role in determining who should receive DLA or PIP; that is solely
the responsibility of the DWP.


Statistics (9 July 2017)

To date, we have seen around 102,000 people join the Motability Scheme
using Personal Independence Payment (PIP) rather than Disability Living
Allowance (DLA).


As the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has reassessed customers
receiving DLA, some 79,000 to date have been awarded the same level of
mobility support under PIP and have remained on the Scheme. Some 64,000
customers have lost their eligibility to remain on the Scheme due to their
PIP reassessment, of whom over 4,000 have since re-joined following a
successful reconsideration or appeal.


Motability provides a charitable transitional support package, including a
grant of (in most cases) £2,000 and individual advice, to customers
leaving the Scheme due to their ineligibility for the Enhanced Rate of the
Mobility Component of PIP. This helps individuals to remain mobile, in
many cases by purchasing a used car. Motability has already provided over
£77 million in support through this transitional package.


Motability’s Transitional Support Package

In September 2013, Motability’s Governors announced a one-off transitional
support package which is designed to assist customers who lose their
eligibility to remain on the Scheme when they are reassessed from DLA to


In April 2017, Motability enhanced the Transitional Support Package
allowing Scheme customers to retain the car for up to eight weeks after
their DLA payments end. A significant increase from the three weeks
previously allowed.


In addition, customers who are eligible for a transitional support payment
will be able to retain their car for up to six months, including during
the processes of reconsideration or appeal. For those who take advantage
of this option, the level of transitional support payment will be reduced.


For customers returning the car in good condition and within the agreed
time frame, Motability is, subject to terms and conditions, providing a
transitional support package including:

·       Transitional support of up to £2,000 (car customers).

·       The opportunity to buy their vehicle.

·       Access to the Scheme’s arrangement with a leading insurance broker
who provides quotes taking account of former customers’ claims history
with the Scheme. This can allow people to accrue no-claims discounts of up
to 60% which might not otherwise be available to them.

·       For customers with adaptations, Motability assists with the cost
of fitting the same adaptations to a non-Scheme vehicle.

·       We will work with customers who lease a Wheelchair Accessible
Vehicle (WAV) on a case by case basis to assist them with their future
mobility arrangements including, where appropriate, help to purchase their
current vehicle.

·       Support and advice to customers currently leasing powered
wheelchairs or scooters, with the objective of enabling them to purchase
their current product wherever possible.




Kind regards,


Gail Rossiter

Press and PR Manager


Motability Warwick House

Roydon Road



CM19 5PX


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