Stuart Hardwicke CARRUTHERS made this Freedom of Information request to Office of the Leader of the House of Commons

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From: Stuart Hardwicke CARRUTHERS

Dear Sir or Madam,

Would you please any information held by your office relating to
why the parliamentary ombudsman has identified that:

'The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman does not hold any
documents in relation to her role as member of the Commission for
Local Administration in England. It follows that the Ombudsman does
not hold the information you request and therefore I cannot release
the documents you seek.'

and what documents the government holds identify an intention to
modify legislation to excuse her of this role, and accordingly
reduce her income.

Could you also provide any documents related to the PHSO making the
Government and Parliament aware that the Commission for Local
Administration in England ('CLAE') disregard their Code of conduct,
and appear to have breached at least 85 per cent of the statutory
duties that Parliament imposed on the CLAE.

This is of particular importance as the Chairman of the CLAE is
also on the board of CIPFA and appears to play in active role in
developing codes of governance for local government (nothing like
leading from the front).

Yours faithfully,

Stuart Hardwicke Carruthers

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