Pharmacy payment data

Bassetlaw District Council did not have the information requested.

oliver staunton

Dear Bassetlaw District Council,

I was wondering if I could please request details of payments made to pharmacies for locally commissioned NHS or private services, for example smoking cessation, emergency hormonal contraception, supervised consumption of medicines, & needle exchange services.

If you could kindly provide this in spreadsheet(s) format, with a breakdown by pharmacy (name and address), month, service, and payment, I would greatly appreciate it (if you also have the ODS code identifier for the pharmacy, then please kindly include this also). If possible, details of the most recent 12 months worth of payments.

Yours faithfully,

oliver staunton

Janet Askew, Bassetlaw District Council

I am not in the office now until Tuesday 24 July 2018 if you have any
queries please ring:


01909 533533 ask for


Stephen Wormald or alternatively email - [email address]

Kerry France or alternatively email – [1][email address]

Stella Bacon or alternatively email – [2][email address]


Thank you




Janet Askew
[3]Bassetlaw District Legal Administrator
Council Bassetlaw District Council Queens Buildings, Potter
Street, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 2AH
W: [4]

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Melissa Bussey, Bassetlaw District Council

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Dear Mr Staunton


Please find attached our response to your recent request.


Yours sincerely

M Bussey


Melissa Bussey
[1]Bassetlaw District Admin Officer (Env Services)
Council Bassetlaw District Council Hundred Acre Lane,
Carlton Forest, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S81 0TS
W: [2]

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