Personal Data Breaches

Harvey Smith made this Freedom of Information request to Bilborough College

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The request was successful.

Dear Bilborough College,

Personal Data Breaches
I am requesting under the Freedom of Information Act the following information:

1. The number of personal data breaches since 25th May 2018

2. The number of personal data breaches in each of the following category:
o Device lost/stolen (encrypted)
o Device lost/stolen (unencrypted)
o Disclosure-unauthorised
o Hacking
o Inappropriate disposal of paper
o Malware
o Paper lost or stolen
o Phishing
o Other

3. The number of personal data breaches reported to ICO

4. The number of personal data breaches deemed “high risk” which resulted in individuals being informed.

Yours faithfully,

Harvey Smith

Helen Dennis, Bilborough College

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