permanent brain damage caused by psychiatry

Germain Gross made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Health and Social Care

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Waiting for an internal review by Department of Health and Social Care of their handling of this request.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I received an e mail from David Winkes, reply number 17935. I wish to make a further requests as invited to by Mr Winkes. Request 1#:

You say in your e mail that you do not distinguish between the real and imaginary damage caused by Haloperidol. Yet, at the same time I have been denied at at every concievable stage and in every possible way any admission of even the possibility of the damage caused by Haloperidol. I have been through the complaints proceedure and been literally laughed at in loud gafaws by psychiatrists, enjoying the pain they have caused .

What exactly should a patient do if their brain is so badly damaged by Haloperidol, and no other 'underlying cause', that their life is utterly ruined, in every aspect, and they are unable to work, but are denied even an apology, and made to suffer even more by being made destitute by the nhs's policy of denial ?

(If the nhs refuse to admit to the damage they cause, the socuial security will not pay benefits, so a patient suffering from permananent brain damage caused by Haloperidol or any other psychiatric drug used in the nhs, will automatically become destitute and sleep on the streets, be condemned to a life worse than death. This is presumably what the nhs calls a 'cure'.)

New F O I Request 2#
Why do you persist in the aberant belief that nhs psychiatrists are honest, decent and care about their patients? Why do you persist in this belief to the extent that it denies me, and every other patient their human rights?

Please provide me with the total number of complaints made against nhs psychiatrists in which ever period of time is convienient to you,(preferably for example, the last 12 months, the last ten years etc) but is also reasonable for these purposes, which are, an estimation of the proportion of complaints against NHS psychioatry that are concluded to the satisfaction of the patients and against the wishes of the psychiatrists.

New FOI Request 3#

Please tell me specifically how a patient suffering extreem brain damage caused by nhs psychiatric prescription , who has been denied every possible request for assitance, complaint, enquiry, medical investigation, been ridiculed with sadistic pleasure by nhs consultant psychiatrists, may escape the fate of being made destitute as a result,and recieve a decent and reasonable response to their reqquests and health damage, as would be forthcoming to every other non psychiatric patient in the nhs , even those of the worst imaginable criminals? Please say specifically how ?

New F O I Reqest 4#

Please tell me specifically how the nhs distinguishes between the real damage caused by haloperidol and the imaginary damage caused by haloperidol when it comes to the specific cases of specific patients, whose lives depend on the appropriate answer ? Please provide me with exact and specific methodology of distinguishing between brain damage caused by Haloperidol, and imaginary brain damage cause by a delusionary illness. Surely a brain scan would be the most obvious answer ? Why is it denied ? What exaact methodology is in practice ? Pleaase give precise details.

New F O I Request 5#

Please tell me why it is not reasonable to request the same medical investigation into such a patients' experience of extreem brain damage by all the usual means avaialble to stroke victims?

New F O I R equest 6#

Why am I denied all medical investigation into these terrible health problems ? Is there any other reason than the fact that the nhs caused them? If so, please tell me what it is .

Yours sincerely, Germaine Gross

Department of Health and Social Care

Thank you for your enquiry.

We aim to respond within 20 working days.
If there is likely to be any delay we will contact you to let you know.

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Department of Health and Social Care

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Dear Sir or Madam, I notice that you have not replied to my freedom of information request within the specified legal time limit of 20 days. Could you possibly reply now ?

Yours sincerely, and with thanks,

Germain Gross

Department of Health and Social Care

Thank you for your enquiry.

We aim to respond within 20 working days.
If there is likely to be any delay we will contact you to let you know.

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Dear Sir or Madam, section head of freedom of information unit,
thank you for your email. It is entirely unsatisfactory. You refuse to answer any part of the enquiries I have nade and hide behind some sort of inability to justify your deliberate policy of denial of the existence of psychiatric abuse within the nhs.

Please would you reply to my Freedom of Information request aas you are required to under the law.

As regards your suggestions, they are inane. I have made every concievable and possible enquiry and complaint to every part of the nhs. The nhs complaints procedure is a sham, the Icas advisory body refuses to even let me intio their office, let alone provide assistance, Pals, refuses to reply to any letter or even conduct a formal copmplaint, The HEALTH cOMM ISSIONER REFUSES TO HANDLE MY COMPLAINT, THE oMBUDSMAN REFUSES TO INVESTIGATE THE COMPLAINT, AND YOU REDFUSE TO ANSWER MY ENQUIRIES. mY MP FREFUSES TO ASSIST ME AS DOES THE CITIZENS ADVICE AND THE Ministry iof HEALTH.

If there was no secret policy of the nhs to refuse to investigate these types of complaints, then please explain why the nhs is so blatently and deliberately refusing to investigate , including yourself?

For a patient suffering this type of brain injury caused directly by the nhs, why , could you please explain, does the nhs refuse to investigate the matter in anyway whatsoever? Do you relise that I have been complaining about this matter for 27 years ? Do you know how cheap a brain scan is ? (under £200)

It appears that the nhs is so committed to its policy of psychiatric abuse and protecting both psychiatrists from investigation of any sort and protecting the nhs policy of deliberately causing permanent brain injury as a matter of routine to all psychiatric patients, and deliberately causing the death of 4 paychiatric patients per week, that it will do anything to avoid investigating this complaint, and you my inquiry. Please reply to my Freedom of Information request as you are obliged to under the law or pass this matter on to your supervisor immediately.

Yours sincerely GERMIAN GROSS

I take your reply as a redfusal to supply the information., yours sincerely, Germian Gross

Yours sincerely,

Germain Gross

Dear Sir or Madam,
re my request under freedom of information legislation sent to you on 29th April 2009, I am still waiting for the reply you are required to send to the specific points requested in my letter within 20 days, or face legal action. Please reply to enquiries. yours faithfully,

Germain Gross

Department of Health and Social Care

Dear Sir / Madam,

A search of our records has not identified any Freedom of Information (FOI)
requests from you with a date of 29 April. In addition, we have not
located any on the website. It would be most helpful,
therefore, if you could provide further details about the case on which you
would like an internal review started. If you could provide a reference
number or the text of the request, it will enable us to conduct a further
search of our records and begin the review.

I am afraid that without further clarification, we will be unable to
process your request for internal review any further.

Yours sincerely,

Aimee Gasston
FOI Officer
Department of Health

Germain Gross
46508@whatdotheyk To> FreedomofInformation/OIS/DOH@DOH
23/11/2009 13:16
Re: Freedom of Information request
- permanent brain damage caused by

Dear Sir or Madam,
re my request under freedom of information legislation sent to you
on 29th April 2009, I am still waiting for the reply you are
required to send to the specific points requested in my letter
within 20 days, or face legal action. Please reply to enquiries.
yours faithfully,

Germain Gross

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Alix Cull left an annotation ()

Dear Sirs,

For patient treated many years ago there were certain side effects of the old medications which are not reversible. How are such long-term patients regarded in the back to work efforts of government?

Christopher MacLean left an annotation ()

You should sue this department for everything there worth, but they will be covered for it, perhaps you would like to take proceedings by contacting a solicitor or putting in a written request for consideration for prosecution by HM Prosecution service.

Please get back to us all with updates as I am keen to follow your case.

Good luck and remember your vote counts when it comes to the job of the health secretary.

Alix Cull left an annotation ()

I think it would be wrong to sue the Governmenr in such cases, as the medication at that time was the only treatment available to relieve the patients. Psychiatry has developed a great deal since that time and although there MAY be some side effects from the new medications, the are not so severe. And also there is a great deal of research going on into schizophrenia, especially in the U.S. They are beginning to find new diagnostic testing which will ensure earlier diagnosis and starting treatment. All these things take time, and need to be tested.
There are at present pleadings for the donation of organs for transplant. This would not be possible for the brain, but donations of this organ after death would I am sure be of help in finding out more about the changes in the brain structure of the mentally ill. Also there is a great deal being found with scanning techniques. This will not cure the condition, but may make it easier to give the most appropriate medication according to which part of the brain is affected. I don't know - but the researchers will know.
The social background is also important although it does not cause the illness, but if families are aware of how it affects their loved one theycan adapt the family life to assist in the care and improvement of quality of life for the sufferer.

Alix Cull left an annotation ()

My original question has not yet been answered.

Christopher MacLean left an annotation ()

Dear Mr.Gross can you inform us of progress in this case ? Did you get the answers to your questions from the department ?

Thank you.

Germain Gross left an annotation ()

Dear Mr Maclean,

and anyone else interested in the number of patients who suffer brain damage and death every year at the hands of NHS psychiatric staff...

It is quite abundantly clear that the NHS, and NHS psychiatry will never provide accurate figures for this matter. They inform me that "620 patients in the last 30 years have suffered minor side effects from antpsychotic drugs", but this is known to be absolutely not true.
The Alzheimers Trust report published in March this year, and accepted by the House of Commons states that 2300 patients die every year in nursing homes from the abusive prescription of all types of antipsychotic drugs, and not just the licenced ones as the Department of Health is now claiming.

If you take this figure of 2300 patients a year dieing in nursing homes from the abusive use of anti psychotic drugs and multiply it by the 30 years I have requested the information for, and then add the estimated figures for the entire NHS and not just the nursing homes, and then add the number of patients experiencing life-destroying brain damage, which is such a common side effect of these drugs that the term 'side effect' is absurd,( it is the primary effect),


2300 X 30, ( deaths in nursing homes, definite official figures) plus 2300 X 30 , (estimated deaths in the remaining psychiatric departments in the NHS),plus 8000 x 30(a low estimate of the brain damaged patients in the entire nhs including nursing homes, as a result of anti-psychotic drugs), which is:


That is, three million, seventy eight thousand deaths and permanent brain damaged patients, a low estimate. It is a modern holocaust perpetrated by criminal NHS psychiatrists.

The NHS claims that the figure for the entire NHS over the last 30 years is 620, and no deaths .

The fact that the NHS lieing is unavoidable. You can easily prove this for yourself by requesting this information at any level of the NHS, and examine the refusal to provide the information, and what is also very likely the attempt to deny you, as an individual, all nhs care services as a punishment. (This is not an exageration, this is what has happened to me).

The other consequence of requesting this information, if you are a psychiatric patient, is that you are likely to be treated with high doses of anti psycotic drugs, to
" cure the delusion that these drugs cause brain damge ".

This also happened to me.

This situation is so disgusting and abusive that you may say, how could it ever hapen, and why ?

There are three reasons why:

Reason I. Psychiatrists are paid a second salary by the pharmaceutical industries to recomend the use of these drugs in as many situations as possible, regardless of the harm it does the patients. All influential NHS psychoatrists are paid in this way.

Reason 2. The NHS commited itself to the use of these chemical lobotomies, more than 30 years ago, after the routine use of psycho-surgery in the USA finaly went out of fashion. The destrutive force of these chemicals obliterated the patients abilities to function in any way, and made them sub-human, incapable of being a threat, or an embarrasment.

In the USA, where these drugs were developed , the economic model was established of destroying all psychiatric patient's brains and humainity, and then, witout social security, letting them die slowly as destitutes. This model of treatment was very successful, because it cost very little.

In the UK, the adoption of this chemical lobotomy was complicated by the existence of social security, so it became esential for the NHS to deny that this brain damage exists, because otherwise, the economic model of euthenasia of all psychiatric patients with anti-psychotic drugs would be very expensive, when the former patients claimed social security, and did not die quickly of exposure.

As a consequence, the NHS is committed to the denial that these drugs destroy lives utterly, and often, to the secret pleasure of the psychiatric staff, kills the patient immediately, at the first dose.

Reason 3: The third reason why the NHS denies that these drugs have fatal toxicity and have absolutely no beneficial qualities, is because the NHS is only made up of the staff within the NHS, and all matters pertaining to NHS psychiatry are in the hands of psychiatrists, at all levels. There is no overseeer of grand justice, and humanity.

NHS psychiatry is run the way nhs psychiatrists want it to be run. The moral cowardice of the non-psychiatric administrators withinthe NHS is so imense, the stench of it must be palpable 50 miles from London.

Nhs psychiatrists want Nhs psychiatry to be run in a way that guarantees that no nhs psychiatrist will ever be prosecuted, or have any complaint, however trivial, made against them, or allowed to succeed in even the most mundane way. You can prove this for yourself, by trying to make a complaint against a psychiatrist.

The naure of the nracissist, is that any criticism, however slight, is greeted with immediate threats of extreme violence. Narcissits cannot tollerate the slightest criticism.

The NHS commitment to using anti psychotic drugs on all psychiatric patients regardless of their illness and circumstances, and the adoption of a complete impunity to all complaints, for all NHS psychiatrists , means that the profession of psychiatry has returned to its former role of psychopathic sadism. The number of NHS psychiatrists who have a personality disorder is, as an estimate, perhaps 70%, the remainig 30% are under the complete control of the narcissists.

This culture is similar to all previous psychiatric models, as in the USA, when lobotomies and electric shock treatment was fashionable, and in Nazi Germany when mass euthenasia, by gass, controlled by the 'Grand Surveryor', (Nazi psychiatric staff), was the chosen method of tortutre and death.

We live in a world of fantasy, where people imagine psychopaths live in holywood films, wheras the truth is that they live amongst us, and work in NHS psychiatry.

The reason why NHS psychiatry is so atractive to narcissists is becaise they are free to abuse the most vulnerable people in society, and use anti psychotic drugs as their method of torture and mutilation, and they do this with impunity. The role of NHS psychiatrist also ensures that they can never be discovered or diagnosed for what they are, i.e. psychopaths that love to inflict suffering on the most vulnerable people.

Perhaps that answers your question?

D. Speers left an annotation ()

How very sad , to witness the distress caused to this patient. There are obviously many questions which need answering and there must be a way of providing patients with answers. Their lives have been changed and in loss of self is the biggest grief of all....we must find a way of dealing with this!

Germain Gross left an annotation ()

Please excuae this correction of my annotation (above). The figure of 378,000 is three hundred and seventy eight thousand, not 3 million, as I mistakenly said. Nevertheless, this figure is a very low estimate, and only takes the UK into account. The number of psychiatric patients being abused and mutilated, often fatally , by psychiatrists in this manner, with anti psychotic drugs world wide, is obviously far higher. The figure of one third of a million in the UK, would be magnified in europe alone to the equivalent of the holocaust over the period of the past 30 years.

D. Speers left an annotation ()

Thanks for your correction and wouldnt it be reassuring to see similar corrections to flawed data from the PHSO office!

Sarah Knight left an annotation ()

Germain Goss,

I am very concerned that you never indeed got the answers to the questions you ask in accordance with the law. I take the same stance as the other annotator who suggested that you sue them; for me, I would suggest you make an application to court to enforce them to provide you with the information you requested since they clearly are unwilling to provide that information and are in breach of the law. Then you can decide if you want to sue them for the brain damage and the distress they have caused you for refusing to respond to you in a constructive manner and for refusing to investigate your complaint.

I hope you are alright.

germaine gross left an annotation ()

Thank you for your annotation, Sarah Knight. The obstacle to taking this matter to court is that I have asked at least 6 solicitors to help me with this problem, but they have all refused. I am not sure exactly how you would advise this be facilitated. Is it a court case re the Freedom of Information act? (After the Information Commissioner, and the PHSO ?

The fact is that the entire NHS is united in this policy of denial,including the head of NHS psychiatric, and all the NHS experts on the brain damage these drugs cause, paid to be experts in something they also claim does not exist... You may have watched several recent programs on anti psychotic drugs, in which prominent NHS specialists in these drugs and the severe permanent brain damage they cause, expressed their concern and sympathy for the patients suffering this way. I wrote to all of these NHS experts on brain damage caused by anti psychotic drugs, and they all refused to see me or even speak to me. They are happy to pose as caring liberals on TV, to raise their profile, but in reality they are as keen to re prescribe anti psychotic drugs to any patient seeking help for the damage they have already caused in this way. The truth is that the over riding psychological attitude within the NHS is one of narcissism, in which any criticism of psychiatry is moire likely to be dealt with by ECT than it is to be discussed as suffering and abused human beings.

This is true of all the participants in the recent TV programs, despite their convincing posturing as carers and progressives, with perhaps the exception of those that refused to even answer, (Royal College of Psychiatry), since I can have no idea what their views are.
The additional problem is that any patient making these requests for this problem caused by anti psychotic drugs will find themselves routinely denied all treatment and assistance of any kind and banned from all NHS services re psychiatry.
I will try to find time to have another look at your annotation and see what can be done.

As a matter of interest, after seeking help for this problem for 30 years from the NHS, and receiving nothing but denials and abuse and prescriptions for more anti psychotic drugs etc, (to 'cure' the delusion that these drugs cause brain damage), I discussed the matter with a private psychiatrist, who immediately recognized the problem without the slightest hesitation.... This indicates that the policy of denial within the NHS is not a matter of "paranoia", or a "conspiracy theory ", or "psychosis", as the NHS has suggested, but is a simp0le fact, as everyone knows, including the NHS.
germaine gross

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