Dear London Strategic Health Authority,

Please could you provide me with details of SHA NHS London's Statutory Performance Management responsibilities:
1) Name of NHS London Performance manager?
2) Job description of Performance manager's responsibilities?
3) All documentation pertaining to NHS London's Performance Managers statutory role.

Thank you.
Yours faithfully,

D. Speers

D. Speers left an annotation ()

I believe all SHA and PCTs have been given Statutory Performance Management responsibilities. "SHAs and PCTs are due to be abolished from April 2013 and it seems the Dept of Health EXPECTS the general principle for complaints handling will apply under new system, so that complaints currently dealt with by a PCT will in future go to either a CCG or the NHS Commissioning Board (depending on nature and subject of complaint)" I have no idea if the statutory element of Performance management will also be adopted!

Freedom of Information (NHS London), London Strategic Health Authority

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Dear Ms Speers,

Please find attached a response to your request for information.


Kevin O'Flaherty
Directorate of Communications and Public Affairs

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Dear Freedom of Information (NHS London),

With many thanks for your recent response. Naturally I am mystified as to the exclusion quoted "repetitive in nature" Section 14 of FOI.
The sole reason I have repeatedly asked is NHS London's consistent inability to supply this salient information. But thank you for this response which goes some way to finally answering my question.

Yours sincerely,

D. Speers
ps I am also concerned that if I have any complaint I should write in first instance to NHS London's CEO...isnt that a bit like marking the exam paper you have written?

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