Dear Prime Minister's Office,

What cycle rate has the uk been using for the pcr tests?

If you don't know, why don't you know?

Did the uk take the WHOs advice and lower the pcr cycle rate?

If you didn't lower it, why didn't you?

Do you plan too lower it in the future and pretend its the vaccination program thats causing the drop in covid19?

Well you tell the public if you lower the pce cycle rate?

If not why not?

Yours faithfully,

Adrian McErlean

PublicCorrespondence Mailbox, Prime Minister's Office

Dear Adrian McErlean, 
Many thanks for your email of 24 February regarding PCR testing.
There is a wealth of information regarding Coronavirus at
Regarding PCR testing, please see here:
Yours Sincerely, 
Correspondence Officer

Public Correspondence

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