pc Mark Calladine BMW Collision February 27 2017

The request was partially successful.

Dear Staffordshire Police,
I posted a request regarding this public interest incident in July 2018 and you totally refused it, despite a subsequent appeal completed by Darius Sanghori, approved by the head of your Information Assurance department, Janet Shepherd, even refusing to reveal the exact location of the incident or the duration of the alleged chase.
This does nothing to inspire confidence in the quality of your `Freedom`of Information standards, displaying an unhealthy obsession with secrecy for no good reason, contrary to your alleged purpose.
Due to your attitude of concealment I have sought the information from the Independent Office for Police Conduct(IOPC) who indirectly advise me, by release of a redacted document, that the chase of the alleged uninsured car by pc Calladine, at speeds of up to 100mph on rural roads,lasted for 13 minutes (15.27-15.40), over an apparent distance of about 10 miles, before the final collision at 65mph into the side of the unfortunate motorist outside the Ladsfordfield Business Park, and that the motorist received extensive,but nondisclosed, injuries.

I appreciate that somehow the Court decided the driving was not dangerous, and you wish to conceal the personal aspects of the injuries received, but when taxpayers money is involved it should be disclosable,as the public have a right to know how their money is being spent.

FOI Q1.In the Mark Calladine collision of February 2017 what was the cost of repairing the police BMW, or what was the write off cost?
FOI Q2.How many days of paid sick leave were taken by pc Calladine and his passenger subsequent to the collision?
FOI Q3.Did the innocent motorist apply for compensation from Staffordshire police?
FOI Q4.If paid,what was the amount of compensation paid and the source of the compensation?
FOI Q5.Who provides the insurance for Staffordshire Police vehicles and what are the totals of annual premium paid for vehicle insurance for the past 3 years?

End of FOI request.
Yours Faithfully,

Dennis Fallon(BSc Hons)

Staffordshire Police

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request. You shall receive a
response in due course.
Kind Regards
Freedom of Information
Central Disclosure Unit
Staffordshire Police

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Freedom of Information, Staffordshire Police

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Dear Mr Fallon


Please see attached response to your Freedom of Information request.








Freedom of Information

Central Disclosure Unit

Staffordshire Police HQ

PO Box 3167


ST16 9JZ

T:  Switchboard 101

E:  [2][Staffordshire Police request email]


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2. mailto:[Staffordshire Police request email]

Dear Freedom of Information,
The lack of transparency displayed by Staffordshire Police should be of great concern to both the PCC and the taxpayers, and although you confirm that the police BMW was a write off costing £22,833.33 you refuse to disclose the extent of the injuries to the individuals involved and refuse to disclose the amounts of injury compensatory payments which resulted,despite all police forces releasing loads of the so called personal data when it suits their agenda.
Your FOI department also seems to behave with a lack of pride or accountability as replys are generated by anonymous people, compared to virtually every other police force or public body responding on this public website who seem to have higher professional standards and are prepared to identify themselves and be personally accountable.
I shall not request a review of your failed response because this would be a further waste of everyones time,I shall now mark this request as closed.

Thank you for your attention
Yours sincerely,

Dennis fallon

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