Dear Abingdon and Witney College,
For each year since first payment made to or received from the following organisations, please provide a detailed annual record of any and all payments made to and received from the following organisations, outlining:
- annual total of payments made to.
- annual total of payments received from.
- annual total of loans provided to or received from.
- nature of services supplied or provided.
- post within the College at which authorisation for payment to or loan to was authorised.

1. Oxford & Cherwell Valley College
2. Oxford Spires Academy
3. Reading College
4. Oxford Brookes University
5. Women's Network (also known as the Network for Women Managers in Further Education)
6. Women's Leadership Network
7. Learning & Skills Network (LSN)
8. Common Purpose
9. FE Associates
10. Helena Kennedy Foundation

Yours faithfully,
A Williams

Ruth Reavley, Abingdon and Witney College

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