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A Willmore made this Freedom of Information request to British Broadcasting Corporation

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was refused by British Broadcasting Corporation.

Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,

The BBC news editorial guidelines ( state:
- "News in whatever form must be treated with due impartiality, giving due weight to events, opinion and main strands of argument."

Under the transparency afforded to me by the Freedom Of Information Act I would like to know, please, if payments either in cash or in kind have been received by the BBC from any political organisation since 1st January 2000 that have influenced the production or output of any news-based BBC programming.

By political organisation I refer to those based in the UK (such as Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrats, etc., as well as those not currently represented in parliament, such as UKIP, BNP, etc.), together with the European Union and those based in the USA (such as the Democratic and Republican parties).

By news-based programming I refer to television news bulletins, News 24, Newsnight, Question Time and similar, as well as news-based radio programmes such R4's Today, R2's Jeremy Vine Show and similar.

A simple "Yes" or "No" answer will suffice.

A response of "the information you have requested is excluded from the Act because it is held for the purposes of ‘journalism, art or literature.’" could, of course, be open to unfavourable interpretation.

As usual, I look forward to you dealing with my request as promptly as possible, and at the latest within 20 working days.

Yours faithfully,

A Willmore

FOI Enquiries, British Broadcasting Corporation

Dear Mr Willmore,

Thank you for your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, as detailed in your email below. Your request was received on 9th June 2013. We will deal with your request as promptly as possible, and at the latest within 20 working days. If you have any queries about your request, please contact us at the address below.

The reference number for your request is RFI20130826.

Kind regards

The Information Policy & Compliance Team

BBC Freedom of Information
BC2 B6, Broadcast Centre
201 Wood Lane
London W12 7TP
Email: [BBC request email]

Tel: 020 8008 2882

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FOI Enquiries, British Broadcasting Corporation

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Dear A Willmore,


Please find attached the response to your request for information,
reference RFI20130826



Yours sincerely,

The Information Policy and Complaince Team


BBC Information Policy and Compliance

BC2B6, Broadcast Centre

201 Wood Lane

London W12 7TP, UK


Website: [1]

Email: [2]mailto:[BBC request email]

Tel: 020 8008 2882

Fax: 020 8008 2398






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Unfavourable interpretation it is then!