Paying State pensions

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Dear UK Statistics Authority,

You have written the following

"Pension liabilities do not represent debt in that they do not constitute previous borrowing which has to be serviced or ultimately repaid".

What evidence does the ONS have that state and civil service pensions will not be paid?

People have contributed money and they are repaid when their pensions are "serviced"

The above is a clear statement that the pensions won't be paid.

I tend to agree with that. The amount of pension debts, the money that is owed is too large to be paid.

What the ONS seems to be doing when it comes to reporting how much is owed is arguing in a circular way.

The ONS logic is that the pensions debts are too large to be paid. So since the state is going to default on its side of the deal by unilaterally changing the law, we won't report what is owed.

How does this play with the ONS's standards charter that you aren't informing the public that they won't get their pensions?

Equally, how does it play legally, in particular with Section 2 of the 2006 Fraud act?

Has the ONS and its staff taken legal advice check if they are not subject to a legal case when the state pension is cut?

Yours faithfully,

Nick Leaton

FOI Team, UK Statistics Authority

Our Reference: FOI 3373

Dear Nick

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