Pay benchmarks

The request was refused by Defence Equipment and Support.

Magnus Ponsonby-Talbot

Dear Defence Equipment and Support,

I be grateful if you could release the following -

The salary benchmarks for Level 2 Project Managers and Level 2 Project Controls (specifically Scheduling and Risk Management).

I would also like to know;
- what companies were used as part of the benchmarking exercise,
- I would like you to confirm whether or not MOD Main and other equivalent civil service departments were used as part of the benchmarking exercise,
- was the exercise restricted to UK based companies or did it include companies in the USA and elsewhere and,
- did it take into account the average salary that could be commanded by a contractor with a similar level of expertise that would be expected of a Level 2.

Yours faithfully,

Magnus Ponsonby-Talbot

DES Sec-FOI (MULTIUSER), Defence Equipment and Support

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Dear Mr Ponsonby-Talbot,


Please see the attached letter concerning your recent FOI request.


DE&S Secretariat
Maple 0A, MOD Abbey Wood, #2043, Bristol, BS34 8JH
Defence Equipment & Support

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