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Richard Card made this Freedom of Information request to Attorney General's Office

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Dear Attorney General's Office,

This is your related FOI

By 1990 you had 3 sources of information you would have linked to McGILL Decd

(a) Authority for OSA action 1976 re Panorama expose' of govt discharging mental patients homeless and poor care standards in benefits funded care homes Section 37 National Assistance Act 1948 This application from Minister Barbara Castle (Advised by Straw and Warner) would also have reported sophisticated frauds against benefits system run by IRA

(b) The correspondence from Sir John Stradling Thomas MP 1990

(c) The correspondence from DHSS Minister 1990 Tony Newton consequent on Sir John writing to him

The FOI is simple Please disclose the records or state that such records exist or that no reports, for example re IRA frauds, ever reached Attorney GeneraL.(Prior to my own reports re McGill Decd) And the implication should be clear that if Sir John had survived and raised Ombudsman inquiry whether the facts would have emerged prior to Suffolk Chief constable visit to Lord HENNIKER Nov 1992 ?

Yours faithfully

Richard Card

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AGO Correspondence, Attorney General's Office

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Dear Mr Card,


Please see the attached AGO response to the FOI request you submitted to
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