Patient " Attacks " manager of NHS Wiltshire CCG PALS team - REALLY ??

Steven King made this Freedom of Information request to NHS Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was refused by NHS Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

Dear NHS Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group,

I received a telephone call from the manager of your PALS team recently ( who I understood from info on your website was supposed to be there to assist me ) ?

Due to her previous serious failings in dealing with me properly ( reported to the new Chairman of this CCG in a lengthy pre arranged recorded meeting in early August ) , I stated I did not wish to talk with her and asked to speak with someone else - she refused.

I felt a little of the non sensitive background may help you in properly dealing with my request, as I understand such requests are dealt with by another body some 40 miles away in another county.

She confronted me about the fact I had formally complained of her in-actions and made me feel very uncomfortable for sharing my experiences and telling the truth .

It became apparent when she was talking at me that her contact could have been dealt with by any other member of the team who I had no cause to complain about, I am left with the impression her contact was deliberate to upset and intimidate me and maybe to put me off from reporting other serious failings within a NHS body that you commission services from and provide substantial funding to - either way I feel her behaviour has been wholly in-appropriate ?

When she appeared to have finished, I calmly and politely asked her why she failed to act on URGENT TIME SENSITIVE MATTERS OF A SERIOUS SAFEGUARDING NATURE FORMALLY REPORTED TO HER SEVERAL MONTHS EARLIER BY THE CHAIRMAN OF A MENTAL HEALTH CHARITY AND MYSELF, matters that your organisation has a number of Statutory , NHS and your own Policy duties, responsibilities and requirements to act upon immediately ?

To date, neither of us have been contacted regarding these matters and are not aware of ANY action having been taken ?

Rather than be honest, open and transparent and answer my question, as any person should be able to reasonably expect, she wrongly stated that I was ATTACKING HER and was going to end the call, which she did after I reminded her of the fact I had earlier stated I did not want to speak with her in the first place !

How is the claimed ' ATTACK ' recorded within your records, and how could those records be shared with your partner agencies ?

If she genuinely felt she had been attacked, why have I heard nothing further on this matter ?

Is all of this now seen as ' acceptable practice ' in your NHS group ?

Will you please supply me with ALL the policies and procedures, and advise me of my Legal position please , relating to the facts of such a senior frontline member of staff failing to act on a Formal Safeguarding alert made by a seriously ill vulnerable adult, and of course following a very serious complaint being made to your current new chairman why one of the people I complained about VERY CLEARLY is then still ringing me up and confronting me and then stating something that is not true?

I am also feeling bullied and also subjected to hate related incidents .

May I please also receive here your Policies and Procedures that will define and give me a clear understanding of how this manager is entitled to label me as someone who was attacking her, rather than answering a very simple yet important question and being accountable, open and transparent about her actions as she is required to do ?

Please also supply additional policies, procedures and NHS material that will help me clearly understand why , as a vulnerable adult, I am being subjected to such long term and ongoing abuse and why I am being caused harm by a PALS manager, and why your CCG does not act in a timely manner to all the serious matters I have raised with your new chairman and chief officer three months ago ?

Maybe if the Chairman of your CCG, or the Chief Officer who was present or indeed ANYONE ELSE had fedback to me proper written updates or ANY information of ALL the actions being taken following the VERY SERIOUS MATTERS discussed at the early August meeting, THREE MONTHS LATER I would not find myself suffering avoidable harm , damage and ongoing daily stress anxiety depression and distress and other ill health resulting from inaction on the part of the most senior figures in the NHS in Wiltshire ?

Please provide your detailed and clear response to all of my FOIA request here as soon as possible please,as your CCG is certainly aware of my vulnerable status due to age disabilities and a long term mental health injury ,and rather than try to unravel spin or any unclear incomplete responses, I trust you will allow me a ' reasonable adjustment' by providing a crystal clear response to each matter asked about and possibly further information if possible that will enable me to understand the neglect, abuse and denial of Rights etc etc that I am suffering ?

Maybe this request will act as a reminder to your chairman and chief officer who clearly are dis interested and not seeing this patient as needing a deserving fair treatment and a resolution in dealing with the very serious matters I raised with them three months ago ?

Is there EVER going to be ANY WAY FORWARD with NHS Wiltshire CCG ?

Please also inform me of which organisation provides your funding, and also in light of your ongoing failures to deal with matters as Legislation and the NHS requires , who do I now need to alert to your own group failings ?
Yours faithfully,

Steven King

FOI (NHS WILTSHIRE CCG), NHS Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group

Thank you for contacting NHS Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group. 
Please note that your application will be automatically forwarded to South
Central and West Commissioning Support Unit (CSU), an NHS support
organisation operating under the authority of the NHS Commissioning Board,
whose staff manage requests on behalf of Wiltshire CCG.  The CSU will
acknowledge and manage your request and will only use your personal
information for this purpose.  All information provided is held within a
secure computer system and managed in line with the requirements of the
Data Protection Act (1998)

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Dear NHS Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group,

' Patient attacks manager of NHS Wiltshire CCG PALS team - REALLY ?? '

Further to my FOIA request here that has been sent to NHS SCSCSU on 01 November 2015, I am aware you have previously experienced ' difficulties ' in receiving or dealing with my requests within the Legislatory time frame, and therefore trust you have no objection to my reminding you that NHS SCSCSU has not acknowledged receipt of my request of 01 11 2015 , or issued a reference number as should be the norm ?
Yours faithfully,

Steven King

Dear NHS Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group,

" Patient ' Attacks ' manager of NHS Wiltshire CCG PALS team - REALLY ??

I am reminded this request has now gone past the Legislatory timescale for you to respond - hence you are in breach of my Rights under FOIA Legislation.

Please rectify this situation within five working days .
Yours faithfully,

Steven King

Steven King left an annotation ()

" It remains the responsibility of every NHS funded organisation and healthcare professional to ensure that people in vulnerable circumstances are not only safe but also receive the highest possible standard of care "

Is Wiltshire EXCLUDED ?

Dear NHS Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group,

NHS Wiltshire CCG have chosen to deny me my Rights according to their own and NHS Policies and Procedures, so I shall mark this request as refused , and ask the Information Commissioner and NHS England to look at this.

Yours faithfully,

Steven King

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This request has been re submitted to NHS Wiltshire CCG for a response

Steven King left an annotation ()

Despite also sending this request AGAIN last August 2016,
by signed for recorded delivery to their acting Chief Officer, it never received any response.
Has the FOIA changed to remove the Legal Rights of a Wiltshire patient to make a request and receive information under FOIA, or are there still unresolved issues at NHS Wiltshire CCG that continue to have a serious and deliberate negative effect on patients seeking information ?