Party political comments during Coronavirus Daily Updates during an election

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Dear Prime Minister's Office,

1. I would be grateful if you could inform me of the official guidance available, either from Downing St or the Cabinet Office, to the Prime Minister, about what party political points the Prime Minister is permitted to make while conducting a taxpayer funded Coronavirus Daily Update from the taxpayer funded Downing St Press Briefing room, during an election period?

I refer to the criticism of the Mayor of London's TfL policy, made during the Coronavirus Daily Update of 5th April, 2021, 1 hour and 5 mnutes into this BBC broadcast, - comments which are clearly not related to the Coronavirus pandemic, and as the PM himself commented, referred to a period "even before Covid began", and which were made within four weeks of an election for the Mayoralty of London in which the Conservative Party are running a candidate against the current Labour Mayor of London.

2. I would also appreciate information about what rules govern the right of reply for candidates from other political parties (in this instance, the Labour candidate for Mayor of London), during an election period to give them equal access to the briefing room and the Daily Coronavirus update, when the impartiality rules do get breached, as they were on the 5th April 2021.

3. I would also appreciate information about how many times prior to or during the current election campaign, the Prime Minister has received official advice about the limitation of the Coronavirus Daily Update briefing, taking place on official taxpayer-funded government premises, to non-party political comments, in particular, during an election campaign.

Yours faithfully,

R Jones

Cabinet Office FOI Team,

Our ref: FOI2021/07812

Dear R Jones,

Thank you for your request for information which was received on 7th
April. Your request is being handled under the terms of the Freedom of
Information Act 2000 ('the Act').

The Act requires that a response must be given promptly, and in any event
within 20 working days. We will therefore aim to reply at the latest by
6th May.

Please remember to quote the reference number above in any future

Yours sincerely,

Freedom of Information Team

Cabinet Office