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Part 2/ When did the two Universities team up with ( MBPT) Irish £8m project

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Dear Liverpool City Council,

The 201-year-old Irish Centre has been the subject of a series of failed enterprises, including a proposed hotel.

[1]. Please supply all information in relation to the past failed enterprises and the proposed hotel .
[2]. When did the two Universities team up with ( MBPT) and LCC? Please supply a copy of the legal paperwork and indicate who will end up with the freehold land?

[3] Did the Council refuse the hotel application because a city councillor wanted it for a dance studio? Was that Councillor - Frank Pendergast?

In March 2016 it was reported that a £30,000 architectural study had been commissioned which would focus on the condition of the building and provide definite options and costings for its refurbishment.

[4] Where did this £30,000 come from and to whom did it go ? Person or company please.

Then the following month, the project took another step forward when OMI Architects, who are based in Salford and were working on another building on the ECHO’s Stop The Rot list – Lister Drive Library in Tuebrook – had been appointed.

[5] OMI Architects is Mr Andy James could the Council please explain how this company got the contract and how much has been paid out to-date?

In November 2016 £121,000 of repair work was due to begin on the Irish Centre, however, delays have meant the contract for this work is only expected to be awarded this month.

[6] Who is this funding coming from and who is it going to?

Deputy Mayor of Liverpool Cllr Ann O’Byrne told the ECHO: “A survey has found that the structure of the building is generally sound but identified that urgent works were required to prevent further deterioration of the historic fabric. The works comprise: works to the roof, masonry and internal repairs to address issues associated with water getting in.

[7] Who did the survey and how much were they paid ?

"Historic England has awarded a grant of £60,500 to jointly fund the urgent works with the city council. Specialist conservation contractors have been invited to tender and the contract is expected to be awarded this month. It is estimated the urgent works will take four months to complete."
[8] Please state when these works took place and who was paid the £60,000

"Cllr O’Byrne explained: “A feasibility study highlighted a range of options for the future use of the building. The preferred option was the creation of an ‘Innovation Hub’."
[9] Please explain in detail what will be the function of this Inovation Hub

The Merseyside Building Preservation Trust was commissioned to carry out a soft market test with developers with a track record in heritage-led regeneration. Their task is to develop the detail of the hub proposal in terms of design, cost, value and funding options with a view to submitting a Stage 1 funding application to the Heritage Lottery Fund by the end of this year.

[1o] When did this application go in and how much funding was requested?

Declan Doolin, who is on the committee of the St Michael’s Irish Centre in Boundary Lane, Everton, would like to see part of a redeveloped Wellington Rooms used as a new Irish Centre.
[11] Will a new Irish Centre be part of the plan?

Yours faithfully,

Li Lee HK buyers

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Li Lee HK buyers please sign in and let everyone know.