Parking systems enquiry

E.Louise made this Freedom of Information request to Common Council of the City of London

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

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Dear Common Council of the City of London,

1. What software do you use for Parking Enforcement (PCN issue and processing) and when does the current contract end?
2. What system do you use for cashless (pay by phone) parking and when does the current contract end?
3. What software do you use for Fixed Penalty Notice enforcement ( FPN issue and processing) and when does the current contract end?
4. What software do you use to issue parking permits and season tickets and when does the current contract end?

Yours faithfully,
Ellen Louise

COL-EB-InformationOfficer, Common Council of the City of London

Dear Ellen Louise,

Thank you for your request of 30 July 2018 to the City of London (CoL).

Please note that section 8 of the FOIA states as follows:

"8.—(1) In this Act any reference to a 'request for information' is a reference to such a request which—
… (b) states the name of the applicant …"

For further guidance, please see the guidance “Recognising a request made under the Freedom of Information Act (Section 8)” (version 1.2, 2 Nov 2016), published on the website of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) at:

You will see that the ICO states that “the intention of the legislation is for the requester to provide their real name … For a request to be valid, the requester must provide enough of their real name to give anyone reading that request a reasonable indication of their identity”, and that “the absence of a real name would make it technically invalid under Section 8(1)(b)” of the FOIA.

The guidance also states, at paragraphs 42 and 43, that, to be a valid request, “the request must state the real name of the party on whose behalf the agent is acting … A request which only includes the real name of the agent will be invalid”.

It is also clear from paragraph 19 that if the real name of the applicant is not used, and/or someone were not disclosing to the public authority if they were acting as an agent, then the ICO would not consider the request a valid request and therefore could not mange any complaint about the response by the public authority to it.

Once we have received confirmation that “Ellen Louise ” is your real name, and your surname, alongside confirmation as to any organisation on whose behalf you are acting, we can progress your request as a valid request.

Please also note that the ICO states in “The Guide to Freedom of Information” (version 4.9, 14 Aug 2017), that “…you [the authority receiving the request] may decide to check [an applicant’s] identity if it is clear they are using a pseudonym”. We reserve the right to do this should we consider that a pseudonym is being used.

Yours sincerely,

Information Officer
Comptroller & City Solicitor’s Department
City of London
Tel: 020-7332 1243

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