Paramedic Apprenticeships

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Dear North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust,

According to the Institute for Apprenticeships, you were involved in creating the standard for the Paramedic (Degree) apprenticeship along with a number of other Ambulance Services. As this is the case, would you be able to answer the following:

- What is the current position of NWAS with regards to offering the Paramedic Degree Apprenticeship/Student Paramedic Scheme to external candidates who are not currently employed by NWAS?

- How far along is the organisation in being able to offer this and are there plans to offer this apprenticeship/student paramedic scheme to external candidates within the next 36 months?

- If the above is true, which Universities does NWAS plan to partner with to complete the apprenticeship?

- If NWAS is not in a position to offer this apprenticeship/student paramedic scheme within the next 36 months, when does NWAS expect to be in a position to offer this to external candidates not employed by NWAS?

- If NWAS never expects to offer a student paramedic/paramedic apprenticeship scheme to external candidates, what are the main reasons for not being able to offer this?

Yours faithfully,

Mike Smith

FOI Enquiries, North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

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