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Richard Parnham

Dear South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust,

In response to an FOI regarding the impact of low traffic neighbours in Oxford (21688 EIR), Oxfordshire County Council volunteered the following information:

"The South-Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) have modelled the impact on
ambulance response times of installing LTN filters in the East Oxford area
against a baseline of prevailing response times in the period May to
November 2022. It reports on the impact of average response times against
NHS England response categories. We have copied the SCAS data into the
Snapshot report and we do not hold any more granular data, but we can say
that the model:

• Uses average road speed data
• Takes into account known factors such as road works, but not the
displaced traffic arising from the roadworks
• Uses historical call out data for the period to produce likely event
• Is run many times to ensure variance and noise is removed
• Considers an area defined by a radius from the centre of the LTNs so
will include parts of the road network without closures
• Assumes LTN bollards are immovable.

The correspondence can be found here.


The public domain summary SCAS's East Oxford LTN impact evaluation, as published by provided by Oxfordshire County Council, did not indicate how the East Oxford LTNs had impacted on average ambulance response time at different times of the day, or during different weeks / month or the year, allowing for local traffic conditions, when compared with the baseline comparative period. I am hoping that you can provide me with such information, at this level of granularity (i.e. average hourly change pre / post LTN installation in East Oxford, average weekly change, monthly change etc, pre and post LTN installation.

Please therefore provide me with granular evaluation data I require, ideally in Excel format. If you have any accompany SCAS evaluation narrative (perhaps as a Word document or PDF) please provide me with this also.

If require any clarification of what I am looking for, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Parnham

FOI, South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

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FOI, South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

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Richard Parnham

Dear FOI,

Please note: I am specifically asking for Excel data, if possible, notwithstanding your preference not to give it. I am comfortable with the risks associated with being provided with this file format.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Parnham

FOI, South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

Good morning Richard,

Thank you for your request.

What was previously provided in the FOI response below is the information that SCAS have available.

By very nature the category response times are measured as the mean average, so this is what the simulation outputs. We don't look at hourly distributions, we model to hit the mean target and all baseline data is made up of historical events to calculate this.

The simulation is a discrete event model, but the output of each event is not available. The simulation is run several times to remove variance and statistical noise to provide the most accurate output to changes being modelled.

I hope this information meets your requirements but if you are unhappy with the way your request for information has been handled, you can request a review by writing to: David Eltringham, Chief Executive, South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Units 7 & 8 Talisman Business Centre, Talisman Road, Bicester, Oxon, OX26 6HR.

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