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James-Andrew:Houghton made this Freedom of Information request to Devon and Cornwall Police Authority

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The request was successful.


Dear Devon & Cornwall Police Authority,

there has been much speculation on the Internet about the possibility that D&C Police are in fact owned by, or run by, or financially involved with (in a subservient capacity), Private corporations.

Some have said D&C Police are owned by IBM ( http://www.ibm.com/uk/en/ )

Others have said that they are working for a company called RELIANCE INC.

The social implications of this are, as you can understand, quite Important.

If a police Constabulary is working for a private company (run for profit) then the obligation to make a monetary gain will sometimes take the place of, and run contrary to, common Law Peace-keeping, prevention of harm to property, and the upholding of basic human rights.

So my request under the act is this:

1) Is D&C Police in any way owned ( whole or in part ) by the above mentioned companies?

2) Are there any invoices from, or to, IBM, or RELIANCE INC. dated in the last 12 months. And can these be made available for public inspection?

3) Does D&C Police have Shareholders? And if this cannot be given under the act, does D&C police make any kind of dividend payment in its financial accounting in any year?

4) Are D&C Police contracted to provide support to any Company mentioned here, or local Debt recovery services.

Obviously the more complete your answer, the less harmful rumour, and more Factual information will be in the public domain.

Many thanks for your time.

Yours faithfully,

James-Andrew:Houghton (commonly Known as James)

Devon and Cornwall Police Authority

Dear Mr Houghton,

Thank you for your email FOI request regarding the ownership of the

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary and Devon and Cornwall Police Authority
are separate organisations. This Police Authority's overarching role is to
ensure that there is and effective and efficient police service for Devon,
Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The Police Act 1996 gives much detail of the composition and duties of
Police Authorities (some of which has been amended by further
legislation). Our principle roles include: setting the budget for the
Constabulary and the police element of the Council Tax, setting policing
priorities and targets, holding the Chief Constable to account, appointing
senior police officers, scrutinising police performance, community
engagement and consultation.

The Police Authority is not owned or run by private corporations nor does
it have shareholders. The composition of the Devon and Cornwall Police
Authority can be seen on our website at

As a Police Authority we are not contracted to provide support to any
company but we will purchase goods and services as required and this will
be done in accordance with our Financial Regulations and Standing Orders
Relating To Contracts which are part of our Constitution and available on
our website at [2]http://www.dcpa.police.uk/how/constituti....

We try to ensure that our decision making is open and transparent and the
agendas, reports and minutes of our meetings are available on our website
and our meetings are webcast live and then available on-line for
approximately 6 months after the meeting.

I hope that this provides the information requested in the context of the
Police Authority, for information about the Constabulary you could submit
an FOI request by going to the Force website

Joy Norris

Joy Norris
Assistant Chief Executive
Devon & Cornwall Police Authority
Tel: 01392 225563
Visit our website, view our webcasts -

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