Ownership of Land and Maintenance Responsibility

Currently waiting for a response from Ministry of Defence, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Ministry of Defence,

I have been told that you own the field that borders my road. The field is extremely overgrown and the trees edging the boundary of my property are beginning to become a nuisance - blocking light, ivy growth, danger of damage to property if they fall.

I would be grateful if you could put me in touch with whoever is responsible for maintenance of the land, so we can be assured it will be dealt with promptly.

Yours faithfully,

Suzanne Rogers (Mrs)

DIO Sec-Parli (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

Dear Mrs Rogers,

Your request has been logged under our reference 2020/06005, unfortunately you have not given a location of the field so we are unable to investigate this further.

If you could advise us where the field is located we will see if it is owned by the MOD.

The case has currently been logged under the Freedom of Information Act, we can action this under business as usual if you wish and would be grateful if you could confirm you are content with this in your reply..

Yours sincerely

DIO Secretariat

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Dear DIO Sec-Parli (MULTIUSER),

The field is located in Borstal, Kent, and borders Nashenden Lane (NOT Nashenden Farm Lane) and Victoria Terrace. The postcode for Victoria Terrace is ME1 3US.

I look forward to hearing further from you.

Yours sincerely,

S Rogers

Dear DIO Sec-Parli (MULTIUSER),

The field is in Borstal, Kent, and borders onto Nashenden Lane (ME1 3JQ) and Victoria Terrace (ME1 3US).

Yours sincerely,

S Rogers