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Dear Craven District Council,

Does Craven District Council own any land or buildings freehold?

I am not interested in what you rent or leasehold or what "holdings" or "assets" you have. Nor am I interested in whatg you hold in trust. I mean land and buildings that you hold lawful freehold deeds of ownership for.

"Bart Joseph"
Yours faithfully,

Common Law Jurisdiction

accesstoinfo, Craven District Council

Thank you for contacting CravenDistrict Council. We confirm that we have received your correspondence.

If you have made a request for information held by the Council, we will formally acknowledge your request as soon as possible. We will also write to you if we need any further information to enable us to answer your request. If we do not need any further information, we will aim to respond to you within the relevant timescale for handling such requests as advetised on the Council's website.

If there is anything that you would like to discuss with us in the meantime, you can contact us during normal office hours on 01756 700600.

accesstoinfo, Craven District Council

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Please see the Council's response to your recent request.

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Common Law Jurisdiction

Dear accesstoinfo,

Thank you for your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Common Law Jurisdiction

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