Overseas visitor management teams in NHS trusts

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Dear Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust,

I write to request information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 on how you have instituted overseas patient charging and the costs of your overseas visitor management team at your trust, if you have one. Please can you tell me:

1) Whether you have an overseas visitor management team or a similar team? If NOT, who then is in charge of overseas patient charging in your trust in line with changes advised in the Department of Health's Draft guidance on implementing the overseas visitor charging regulations, 2017?

2) What is the cost of the current team for the preceding year, or if established only recently following the changes in 2017, its cost of set up and estimated costs for 2017/2018? (Note: this cost could include salaries, but also overheads including facilities and equipment used).

3) What, if any, charges have been levied to overseas patients in your trust by this team, and how much of this has been recouped?

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Steele

Smith Sue (RWR) Hertfordshire Partnership University FT, Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

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Dear Sarah


Please find the attached response to your recent freedom of information


Best Wishes


Sue Smith


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