Outpatient hysteroscopy/biopsy - Pain Control and Patient Choice

Katharine Tylko-Hill made this Freedom of Information request to University Hos​pitals of North Midlands NHS Trust

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The request was partially successful.

Katharine Tylko-Hill

Dear University Hos​pitals of North Midlands NHS Trust,

Under the FOIA (2000) please would you supply the following information relating to your Trust’s (and its outsourced services’) practice of OUTPATIENT HYSTEROSCOPY/BIOPSY – PAIN CONTROL AND PATIENT CHOICE

1. The patient information leaflet/s
2. The consent form/s
3. For each of the last 3 financial years:
i. all audits of OP hysteroscopy adverse events, (including infection, perforation, pain equal to or above 7/10 on VAS)
ii. all surveys of patients’ outpatient hysteroscopy experiences. Are all your patients allowed to complete the satisfaction survey at home? Y/N
iii. the number of your patients who had a) GA, b) spinal anaesthesia, c) monitored procedural IV sedation, d) local anaesthetic, e) no anaesthetic
iv. the % of your a) diagnostic hysteroscopies, b) operative hysteroscopies that were done in outpatients. Did your Trust meet the Best Practice Target % Tariff for each of these years? Y/N
4. i. Is local anaesthetic available in all your outpatient hysteroscopy clinics? Y/N
ii. Is Entonox available in all your outpatient hysteroscopy clinics? Y/N
5. Are all your hysteroscopy patients (including See & Treat/One Stop Shop/Late Cancellations) offered i. local anaesthetic? Y/N
ii. GA? Y/N
iii. spinal anaesthesia? Y/N
iv. safely monitored IV sedation? Y/N
6. Do you use electro-surgery in any of your outpatients clinics? Y/N If so, do you always use the lowest power setting? Y/N
7. What type and diameter of scopes do you use in a) outpatients, b) for GA patients? Rigid, semi-rigid, flexible?
8. What is the minimum training and accreditation (e.g. RCOG ATSM) that all your NEW hysteroscopists must have?
9. What % diagnostic outpatient hysteroscopy/biopsy patients had an incomplete procedure which was repeated with epidural, GA or sedation?
10. Does your Trust have a psychosexual counselling service for PTSD caused by severe procedural pain?

Yours faithfully,

Katharine Tylko-Hill

Dear Ms Tylko-Hill


I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your email dated 25^th April 2017
requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act (2000)
regarding Outpatient hysteroscopy/biopsy - Pain Control and Patient


The FOI Act sets out a twenty working day timescale for requests to be
completed by. We will always try to complete your request within this
timeframe. We will let you know whether the Trust holds the information
you have requested, and we will contact you as soon as possible if we are
delayed in our response for some reason. If we require further information
from you or we need you to further explain your request before we can
continue to process it we will also contact you. 




Information Governance Team

University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust







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Dear Ms Tylko-Hill,


Please find the response to your FOI request attached


Many thanks,


IG Team

University Hospitals of North Midlands

NHS Trust






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