Out of catchment for 2019 entry

Nail made this Freedom of Information request to Altrincham Grammar School For Boys

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The request was successful.

Dear Altrincham Grammar School For Boys,

As per the post on this forum on 19th April 2019 I understand that for

2018 Entrance Exam 14 boys out of catchment area Lowest score 390

Below is the link for same

Again on this same forum on 10th June 2019 for the below question

7.5 Eligible boys from outside the School’s priority admission area ranked in order as determined by their aggregated GL Assessment selection scores.
It said
11 offers made scores from 422 to 337
Below is the link

Hence my questions are
1. What is the difference between out of catchment area and outside the School’s priority admission area
2. How many out of catchment area and outside the School’s priority admission area boys were accepted in the 2019 entry .
3. What is the lowest score for out of catchment boys and outside the School’s priority admission area for 2019 entry
4. How many appeals were successful and on what bases they were successful

Yours faithfully,


Dear Sirs


Please find information requested below.


1.       There is no difference between ‘out of catchment’ and ‘priority
admission area’, it is purely the wording used, they both refer to the
same thing. 

2.       As per the previous information given ‘2018 Entrance Exam 14 boys
were accepted with the Lowest Score being 390’.  2018 Entrance Exam is for
2019 Entry.

3.       Please refer to point 2 above.

4.       6 Appeals were successful all granted on Oversubscription




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