OT Assessment Waiting List Numbers - HA

The request was partially successful.

Nikki Thompson

Dear FOI team,

Please provide the following information in email format:

1. Number of residents currently awaiting an OT assessment
2. How many OT assessments have been requested from the LA in the past 12 months.
3. Average waiting time for an OT assessment
4. If your organisation uses independent OT services
5. If so average cost paid per assessment.
6. Name, email and contact number of person responsible in your organisation who is or would be responsible for the decision to commission independent OT assessments.

Yours faithfully,

Nikki Thompson

Marjorie Sloan,


The answers to your queries are as follows (we have taken them based on information to 31 March 2019 to tie in with our reporting).

1. None
2. 102
3. 14 days (from time OT visits to completion of work)
4. No
5. N/A
6. N/A

Note Scottish RSLs are not subject to the freedom of information legislation until 11 November 2019, but we are happy to disclose this information.

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