OSCE statistics by day and time of session

Omer Ammar made this Freedom of Information request to St George's University of London

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Dear St George's University of London,

I would like to request data on OSCE marks, i.e. mean % given over the past 4 years for third, fourth and final year cohorts.

- The mean % mark (across all circuits) of each station and the exact time of day in which that station was run in. (not AM/PM)
- The mean % mark of each station and the day in which the station was run.
Since each set of stations is run over two days, this can be labeled as day 1 (the first day its run) and day 2 (the second day its run)

Please note that I do not require the station titles or any such information, they can simply be labeled station 1 - 6 etc.

Yours faithfully,

Omer A

Freedom of Information, St George's University of London

Thank you for your Freedom of Information enquiry.  We will deal with your
request in due course, in line with the Freedom of Information Act.

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