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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Please provide the relevant operational guidance which clarifies the processes and procedures which should take place when a Universal Credit claimant enters a residential programme of rehabilitation for the treatment of alcohol or drug dependency.
I would be very grateful if this could include :
i) the identification and application of the treated as having Limited Capability for work (LCW) rules under regulation 39, schedule 8(2)
(What systems are in place to identify these claimants?)
ii) what factors are considered to decide that the claimants meet the ‘treated as having LCW’ criteria for hospital inpatients or similar such institution (a residential programme of rehabilitation for the treatment of drug or alcohol abuse)
iii) What processes/procedures are carried out to establish if Limited Capability for work related activity (LCWRA) applies (for example is a UC 50 sent to claimants/ are claimants expected to attend work capability assessments whilst in rehabilitation?)
iv) How claimants are notified of these decisions
v) What work related requirements may be imposed on someone in residential rehabilitation who has been found to have LCW Under schedule 8(2) but not LCWRA

May thanks

Yours faithfully,

Fred Jordan

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