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Ongoing works and new meters

N Elsden made this Environmental Information Regulations request to Thames Water
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Dear Thames Water,

I read on your website that a lot of the works being carried out currently are in relation to fixing a leak, how long does it generally take to fix a leak? As these works have been going on for a long time.
Now I'm also being told that the pipes are being changed, and that everyone will need a new meter outside their house. Can you confirm that these will NOT be smart meters? I gravely fear for my health and the health of others with the roll-out of smart meters. They are proven to cause health problems in people who are around them, especially children and those with neurological diseases. I'm hopeful a reputable company , such as yourself, would want to keep their customers alive for as long as possible, so that they can pay more money into the company.

Yours faithfully,
N. Elsden

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EIR Requests, Thames Water

EIR 19-20-187

Good afternoon,

Before we can proceed with your enquiry concerning fixing a leak can you clarify if you are would like data on Clean (supply of water) leaks or data on Waste (sewage) repairs?
Do you have a specific area for where you would like this data from?
Any additional data you can supply with assist us in answering your points.

Robert Johnson
Data Protection Team
Thames Water

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are N Elsden please sign in and let everyone know.