On what date did the SRA begin a review of its handling of BAME solicitors complaints?

Dudley Jones made this Freedom of Information request to Solicitors Regulation Authority

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Dear Solicitors Regulation Authority,

After Prof Gus John's criticism in his 2014 Review (commissioned by the SRA in 2012) about the SRA's handling of complaints about BAME solicitors, what was the date of the meeting where it was decided that:
1. a thorough and efficient review of their handling of BAME solicitor responses (John's 2014 Report) was best left until 2020 - 6 years later?
2. What was the date of the meeting where it was decided that responding to ANY FOI Requests about this issue prior to their actual publication of this Review would not 'be in the public interests' because 'piecemeal' information revealed to John Hyde in Mar 2020 and myself in June 2020 would confuse the public? Or was the SRA more concerned with staving off the embarrassing day when this information was finally published in full (8 years - if indeed it is to be published in 2020) after commissioning John's review)?
3. What was the date the SRA review began? Is it expected to be published by 2026?

Yours faithfully,

Dudley Jones

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SRA Information Compliance, Solicitors Regulation Authority

Dear Mr Jones,

Thank you for your email.

We are planning to publish the findings of our diversity monitoring review in December 2020. It will be a review of the individuals in our enforcement work during the year 2018/9 and will be included in our annual Upholding Professional Standards report. This work was identified for completion in our Corporate Strategy 2017/20 which was published in November 2017. Work started on the review in January 2020.

We have not made decisions as described in paragraphs 1 and 2 of your request.

Yours sincerely,

Jack Baraczewski
Information Governance Officer
Solicitors Regulation Authority
The Cube, Birmingham

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