On Train Announcements & Station Announcements

The authority would like to / has responded by postal mail to this request.

Dear Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive,

I Would like to request a copy of the Announcement Recordings that are used on the Metrocars and Stations if at all possible?

Yours faithfully,

Scott L

Freedom Info, Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive

Dear Scott,

Thank you for the email. If you provide me with a suitable postal address then I will arrange for a CD to be sent out with the announcements on. You may not wish to put your address onto the website so please send us a separate email with the details.


Michael Hunt
Executive and Business Manager

Until further notice I can be reached by email only

The latest information about travel is at

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Many thanks for your quick reply, do you have a email address that i send my postal address to?

Yours sincerely,

Scott L