Dear Scottish Water, I am requesting any information available regarding the odour issues coming from the drains on Newarthill high street Motherwell ML1 5SS.
My details.
Mr Paul Divers.
24 Biggar Road
[email address].

Yours faithfully,
Paul Divers.

Dear Scottish Water, Regarding previous FOI request about odour Newarthill high street Motherwell. The time has now lapsed on this and I have had no reply. I would like to submit a second request for these details. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Divers

Dear Scottish Water,
I am writing my third request for the information Scottish Water holds regarding sewer borne odours in the Newarthill area of Motherwell. In particular, with relation to the industrial plants Argent Energy and Caledonian Proteins.

Your response or lack of, to my request is well overdue the 20 days in which you are duty bound to respond.

I now therefore, expect a response with a reason for this delay as well as the information I requested.

Should a response not be forthcoming within the next 14 days, I will request an internal review of this matter and or a complaint to the Information Commissioner.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Divers

Freedom of Information, Scottish Water

Dear Sir / Madam,

Thanks for getting in touch with Scottish Water.
We have opened a new case CAS-691098-C6W6H in response to your email and
assigned it our FOI.
Should you need to follow up on this case, please contact us with
reference CAS-691098-C6W6H.
Thank you,

Scottish Water
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Dear MR Diver

Thank you for your email and please accept our apologies for the lack of response to your request.

Please allow me to look into your previous request and I will come back to you as a matter of priority to establish your response.

I hope this is acceptable, but please do not hesitate to me by email or on the contact number provided.

Yours sincerely

Margaret Hopkins
FOI Analyst
Customer Experience Reporting
Buchanan Gate Business Park
Cumbernauld Road | Glasgow | G33 6FB

[mobile number]
[email address]

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