Dear Abingdon Town Council,

Would it be possible to get the costs of ground rent for Ock Street Fair please.I would like to know the going rate for Stalls and Mechanical Rides.

Yours faithfully,

Alan Cobb

Dear Abingdon Town Council,

Could I ask for Ock Street Fair Tolls and why has it taken so long for you to respond

Yours faithfully,

Alan Cobb

Nigel Warner, Abingdon Town Council

Dear Mr Cobb


Thank you for your enquiry in relation to the “costs of ground rent for
Ock Street Fair.”  In your e-mail you go on to explain that you are
interested to know “the going rate for Stalls and Mechanical Rides.”  I
take this to mean the tolls paid by individual operators who come to the
Michaelmas and Runaway Fairs held each October for the right to have their
stall or ride at the Fairs.


The Council does not hold this information as, under the Oxfordshire Act
1985, which governs the organisation of these two fairs, the right to
collects and retain tolls in respect of these fairs has been leased to Bob
Wilson and Sons Limited, who also act as the Fair Organiser.  Such an
arrangement, i.e. the leasing of the Fair to an external organiser, is
quite common practice for such Fairs.


Should you wish to contact Bob Wilson and Sons Ltd, their address is:


The White House Amusement Depot

Shipway Road

Hay Mills


B25 8DS


I am sorry for the delay in responding to your request.  Until I received
your reminder last week I am afraid that I thought I had already responded
to your e-mail; please accept my apologies.


Yours sincerely 


Nigel Warner

Town Clerk

Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council

Tel: 01235 522642

Direct line:  01235 468349

Fax: 01235 533112


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