Obstetric data for the last 5 years

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Dr Julia Wilkens

Dear Public Health Wales,
Please can you give figures for each of the last 5 years ie 2018-2022

• Total live births
• Total still births
• Total intrapartum still births
• Total neonatal deaths to 28 days
• Total preterm births (<37 weeks)
• Total maternal deaths
• Total maternal collapses / cardiac arrests
• Total postpartum haemorrhage >1.5l
• Evacuation of retained products of conception (ERPCs)
• Attendance numbers for early pregnancy clinics
• Do you record covid-19 vaccination status in your electronic maternity records?

If possible for 2021 & 2022 could you give all of the above data by COVID-19 vaccination status (0/1/2/3/4 doses) or state if you do not record vaccination status.

If some information is not available, I would be grateful for any information you can give.
Yours faithfully,

Dr Julia Wilkens

FOI (Public Health Wales), Public Health Wales

Please read the following information. 

Thank you for your request for information. It is important to note that
Public Health Wales is the public health service for Wales and as such is
an independent NHS Trust. This is NOT the same as NHS Wales. As an
organisation we have no jurisdiction over the activities of Health Boards
and frequently do not have access to the data that they produce. In order
to save you time and effort, if your request concerns the activities of
local health provision such as Hospitals or GP practices, please refer
your request to your Local Health Board. If your query is in relation to a
wider NHS Wales issue, then please refer your request to Welsh


You will appreciate that at this time our organisation is under
considerable pressure in dealing with the response to the pandemic and
trying to ensure that we do all that we can to keep the public safe. We
are currently receiving a great many requests for information, and on many
occasions the information that is requested is actually in the public
domain. If you are thinking of making a request for information it may be
the case that you can access the information more quickly by accessing  

[1]Home - Public Health Wales (nhs.wales) 


If the information has been requested previously then it may have been
published on our Disclosure Log 



In many cases a little simple research will turn up the information that
is required, and so I would ask you to consider your request carefully and
ask yourself if you have taken all reasonable steps to research the
answers to your question yourself. If you have, then please ask yourself
if your request is really necessary at this time, bearing in mind that
finding the information that you require may take resource away from our
primary function which is protecting the public. 

If you have done all that you think you reasonably can and your request
cannot be delayed, then please reply confirming that you have read this
notice and we will attempt to process your request as soon as we can.
Please note however that there may be a delay in responding as all of our
staff are currently very stretched. Also if responding to your request
would significantly detract from our primary function at the moment then
we may regrettably have to refuse it. 


Thank you for your understanding at this most difficult time. 


Cofion gorau... 

John Lawson MSc CMgr MCMI 


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1. https://phw.nhs.wales/
2. http://www2.nphs.wales.nhs.uk:8080/Discl...

FOI (Public Health Wales), Public Health Wales

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Dear Dr Julia Wilkens,

The response to your FOI request is attached

Kind regards,
Alex Ley-Sweet
Information Governance Officer

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