Numbers unaffected by proposals to increase care charges

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Dear Greenwich Borough Council,

At the Adult Social Care Scrutiny committee meeting of 9th Jan 2020, councillors were reassured that “most people will not pay or be affected” by the proposals to increase care charging.

1. How many people in Greenwich have a NIL payment? Please break down into
- adults aged under 25,
- adults age from 25-below pension credit age,
- adults over pension credit age

2. Of the people who DO pay but will be “unaffected” by the proposed increases, how many are there in the each of the three groups mentioned above.

3. For people who DO pay but will be unaffected by the increase, broken down by the same age groups, how many people pay:
Under £10 per week
Between £10.01-£20
Between £20.01-£50
Between £50.01-£100
Between £100.01-£200
Between £200.01-£300
Over £300
NOTE these are the same age ranges as given in the presentation so I assume these are can be retrieved from your system.

4. Following financial assessment, for each of the above age groups - how many are left with the BASIC minimum income guarantee figure for their age range (ie where no disability or other premiums have been awarded for the purposes of the minimum income guarantee.)

5. Please give the number of people who were provided a personalised breakdown during the consultation period specifically to inform how the proposed increases would affect them.

Yours faithfully,

Jenny Hurst

foi, Greenwich Borough Council

Dear Ms Hurst


Freedom of Information request:  FOI-35991


Thank you for your request dated 15 January 2020


Your request will be answered by 12 February 2020


If you have any queries about this request, please contact me, quoting the
reference number above.


Yours sincerely,


Jackie Jago

Head of Corporate Services

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Directorate of Communities & Environment

Royal Borough of Greenwich


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