Numbers of Motability vehicles funded by DWP during last 12 months and 2015.

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Please could you provide me with the following information?

1 How many separate Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowances (HRMC DLA) or Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (ERMC PIP) awards have the Department for Work and Pensions sent to each of the following motor manufacturers to cover costs associated with Motability Scheme vehicles (in the past 12 months and during 2015)?

2 What types of vehicles and specific models were most frequently funded under each manufacturer (in the last 12 months and during 2015)?

1 Fiat
2 Nissan
3 Toyota
4 Skoda
5 Seat
6 Ford
7 Jeep
8 Renault
9 Peugeot
10 BMW
11 Mitsubishi
12 Hyundai
13 Volkswagen
14 Infiniti
15 Alfa Romeo

I look forward to receiving your reply.

Yours faithfully,
Tom Jamison

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S. Gwilliam left an annotation ()


I think that, like many others, you missunderstand how the Motability scheme works.

The DWP does not fund the vehicles- the claimants fund them out of their disability award.
The vehicles are not provided 'for free' they are leased by the person with the disability.
(And also have to be insured with Motability's own insurer).

Motability is a state sponsored charity that provides vehicles, disability adapted where necessary, to those who qualify for the relevant rate of DLA/PIP.
(Those who recieve War Pensioners Mobility Supplement or Armed Forces Independence Payment also qualify).

The vehicles are provided on lease, with payment for the lease deducted directly from the claimants award of DLA/PIP.
If the claimant chooses not to have a Motability vehicle then the deduction is not made and they recieve their full DLA/PIP award.

The DWP does not send any monies to motor manufacturers or anyone else.
(Except for diverting some or all of a claimants benefit payment to Motability rather than paying it to the claimant).

Dear DWP freedom-of-information-requests,
Thanks very much for your note. I apologise that I haven't been clearer regarding my question. What I want to find out is how many people currently receiving enhanced mobility awards chose to relinquish them in favour of a Motability vehicle (and the numbers going to each individual motoring manufacturer). Are you able to provide any information along those lines please?

Yours sincerely,

Tom Jamison

S. Gwilliam left an annotation ()


I am not the DWP, I am a private individual.

(My only connection to the DWP is that I recieve ESA benefit for my disability LOL).

I was merely pointing out that you will not receive the requested information from the DWP, because you have misunderstood how the Motability scheme works.

The DWP may have information on how many people are having disability benefits forwarded to Motability to pay for vehicle leases, the DWP will not have information on the vehicles themselves.

Motability will be the best to provide figures on what vehicles are currently being leased under the scheme, out of the many available.
(They may already publish these figures, have you searched the web?)

Individual manufacturers may also have these figures, but may not as the informatiom may be stored at the individual dealerships.

You will probably need to resubmit individual requests to each organisation asking only for the information that they are likely to hold.

DWP Strategy Freedom of Information, Department for Work and Pensions

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Please see the attached reply to your Freedom of Information request.

Yours sincerely

DWP Strategy FoI team

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