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Kent Tree Surveys

Dear Poole Borough Council,

1) How many Tree Preservation Orders have the council served that are still valid (i.e. excluding those that have been revoked). If establishing the number that have been revoked is problematic please let me know how many have been served.

2) If you have a spreadsheet listing the TPOs please provide it.

3) How old is the oldest TPO that is still valid (i.e. which year was it served in)

Yours faithfully,
Jon Heuch
Kent Tree Surveys

Strategy Team - Information, Poole Borough Council

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Sue Hill, Poole Borough Council

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Dear Mr Heuch

Please find below our response to your FOI.

1) We have 1391 TPO's that are still valid (this figure does not include revoked ones)

2) I attach a spreadsheet listing all the valid TPO's.

3) The oldest TPO that is still valid was served late in 1950 and confirmed in 1951 - TPO 1/1950 in Branksome Park.

Copies of the TPO's can be found on our website by going to this link:- However to view the copy of the actual TPO you have to search for a specific address first then you can view it.

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