Rowan Braithwaite

Dear Office for National Statistics,

Please provide the monthly figures for the number of suicides recorded so far in 2020 for January to September or as up to date as you are able to provide them.

If you are unable, for any reason to do this, please provide the total figure of reported suicides so far since 1st January 2020, with an explanation of the period that they were reported over.

Yours faithfully,

Rowan Braithwaite,

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Rowan Braithwaite

Dear [email address],

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Yours sincerely,

Rowan Braithwaite

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FOI Team, Office for National Statistics

Our Reference: FOI/2020/0865


Dear Rowan


Thank you for your email requesting data pertaining to suicides recorded
so far for 2020.


I am writing to confirm that the Office for National Statistics has now
completed its search for the information which you requested and the
response can be found here:



You have the right to have this response to your Freedom of Information
request reviewed internally by an internal review process and, if you
remain unhappy with the decision, by the Information Commissioner. If you
would like to have the decision reviewed please write to The FoI Team,
Room 1100, Office for National Statistics, Segensworth Road, Titchfield
PO15 5RR, and mark your correspondence "Internal Review".

If you have any queries about this email, please contact the Freedom of
Information Team ('[ONS request email]').

Please remember to quote the reference number above in any future


The Freedom of Information Team

Office for National Statistics


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