Number of sites removed from the PIPCU Infringing Website List

Ian Watters made this Freedom of Information request to City of London Police

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was successful.

Dear City of London Police,

A simple request:

How many websites have been removed from the PIPCU Infringing Website List?

The City of London Police have refused to say which websites have been removed from the list, despite acknowledging that to do so "would allow the public to assess the scale of the fraud, the effectiveness of the investigation and allow individuals to make more informed choices in respect of any dealings they may have with the identified companies." A review of this decision has been said to have been in progress for the past four and a half months.

While we're waiting for that process to complete, I note again that the force has not been shy about actively promoting the successes of your other ongoing investigations by giving out the equivalent number, including issuing press releases with the number of websites said to have been suspended as a result of PIPCU's actions.

See, for example, <> and <>

By simply releasing the number of websites that have been removed from the Infringing Website List, none of the objections the force has given to naming them apply.

Specifically, by not having to name any of them in answering this request, it would clearly be impossible to raise the profile of any sites that have allegedly unlawfully provided copyright material, or enable anyone to assess which organisations have cooperated, or put such organisations under any risk of harm.

It would, on the other hand, help the public to assess the scale of the fraud and the effectiveness of the investigation, both of which are rightly agreed by the City of London Police to be desirable.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Watters

Grunblat Katy, City of London Police

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Dear Mr Watters,




I write in connection with your request for information dated 23 September
2014 in which you seek access to the following information:


How many websites have been removed from the PIPCU Infringing Website




Should you have any further questions regarding your request, please
contact me via e-mail, letter or telephone, quoting the reference number


Yours sincerely


Katy Grunblat

Senior Information Access Officer
Intelligence and Information Directorate
City of London Police | 182 Bishopsgate | London EC2M 4NP
T: +44 20 7601 2287| F: +44 20 7601 2088
Email: [1][email address]



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