Number of returning students in Hilary Term, 2021

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Dear Corpus Christi College, Oxford,

Please could you provide the number of your students who returned to their college accommodation by Week 8 of Hilary Term 2021 and the total number of students living in college accommodation in Michaelmas Term 2020, broken down by year of matriculation.

Yours faithfully,

Alfred Dolby

Rachel Clifford, Corpus Christi College, Oxford

Dear Alfred

Corpus Christi had 68 undergraduate students in residence by the end of week 8 of Hilary Term and 240 in residence in Michaelmas Term.

In Hilary Term 21 were 1st years, 19 2nd years, 18 3rd years and 10 4th years.

In Michaelmas 82 1st years, 69 2nd years, 71 3rd years and 18 4th years


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