Number of nursing applications for past five years

Chloé Meley made this Freedom of Information request to King's College London

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The request was successful.

Dear King's College London,

Could you tell me the number of applications the Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery has received for the past five academic years (including 2020-2021, up until this December)?

Could you also break down this information into monthly categories (x number of applicants in April) and into different departments within the faculty?

It would be great if you could provide this information in an excel spreadsheet, if possible.

If you need any clarification do not hesitate to contact me. Under section 16 of the Freedom of Information Act it is your duty to provide advice and assistance and so I would expect you to contact me if you find this request unmanageable in any way.

Yours faithfully,

Chloé Meley

Information Compliance, King's College London

Please note that due to resources being directed to dealing with the
impact of Covid-19 on the university community, there might be a delay
with completing your request. 
Thank you for your patience.
Kind regards
Information Compliance

Information Compliance, King's College London

Dear Chloe,

Thank you for your email. We will treat your request for information as a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, received by the university on 14 December 2020. We will endeavour to respond to your request within the statutory 20 working day time frame.

Please note that the university has adopted the Model Publication Scheme and also publishes FOI responses on our Disclosure Log.

Kind regards,

Senior Information Compliance Officer
Department of Business Assurance
King's College London

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Cogias, Olenka, King's College London

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Dear Chloe,

Please find attached your response.

Kind regards,

*Please note the University is now closed until the 04 January*

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Dear Cogias, Olenka,

Thank you for the information.

Yours sincerely,

Chloé Meley