Number of Licence to Practice issued for sub-consultant doctors

Ruhe Chowdhury made this Freedom of Information request to General Medical Council

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The request was successful.

Dear General Medical Council,

I would like to formally make a FOI request on the number of full licence to practice you have issued in 2013, 2014, 2015 and up to August 1st 2016 to doctors practicing in the UK.

I would like to know for the following groups:

1) who are below Consultant level
2) consultant level
3) non UK graduates
4) non UK trainees
5) non EU graduates
6) non EU trainees

I await your response

Yours faithfully

M Chowdhury

FOI, General Medical Council

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FOI, General Medical Council

Dear Dr Chowdhury


Your information request – F16/8361/ME


Thank you for your email dated 13 August asking for information in
relation to the number doctors who have gained their licence to practice
since 2013.


How we will consider your request


We’re going to look at your request under the Freedom of Information Act
2000 (FOIA). The FOIA gives us 20 working days to respond but we’ll come
back to you as soon as we can. 


Who to contact


Mark Ellen will be handling your request. If you have any questions you
can call him on 0161 923 6347 or email him at [1][email address].


Yours sincerely

Miss Sadie Jones

Information Assistant

[2][email address]

0161 250 6889


General Medical Council

3 Hardman Street


M3 3AW


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Mark Ellen (0161 923 6347), General Medical Council

Dear Dr Chowdhury


Reference:  IAT/ME/F16/8361


Thank you for your e-mail. 


The tables below show the number of new licences issued in each year.  It
is broken down by region of primary medical qualification (IMG =
International medical graduate).  The tables will include any doctor who
held a licence at any point in that year and then was erased or
relinquished that licence, but then restored their name (and licence) in
the same calendar year. 

You should also bear in mind that holding specialist registration does not
necessarily mean that the doctor is working as a specialist. 



Doctors gaining licence 2013-16:
Completion Year # of Doctors # of Doctors # of Doctors
2013 3,502 3,714 8,094
2014 3,655 3,082 8,114
2015 2,177 3,496 8,270
2016 1,455 2,313 7,590
Of whom, were on Specialist Register when gaining licence:
Completion Year # of Doctors # of Doctors # of Doctors
2013 1,106 140 64
2014 1,165 206 113
2015 601 197 140
2016 437 116 75
Of whom, were on GP Register when gaining licence:
Completion Year # of Doctors # of Doctors # of Doctors
2013 145 30 59
2014 144 55 105
2015 71 41 150
2016 47 19 70



I hope that this information is helpful to you. 



Kind regards

Mark Ellen



Mark Ellen

Information Access Team

General Medical Council

3 Hardman Street

Manchester  M3 3AW

Direct Line: 0161 923 6347



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