Number of GCSE qualifications awarded per subject by Exam Board

The request was partially successful.

Dear Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation,

The General Dataset download page* that claims to make available "data, by qualification, for the last two years" does not appear to have been updated for some time.


1) Please may I have a copy of this data in electronic form as a CSV or XLS/XLSX data file please.

2) The regulated qualifications activity dataset for vocational qualifications** lists each qualification explicitly (qualification name AND exam board that awarded the qualification). If the dataset requested in 1) does not include an equivalent level of information (that is, the number of qualifications broken down at the level of qualification by exam board) please may I have a copy of any data you hold relating to the number of qualifications awarded by subject by each exam board.

3) Evidence provided by OfQual to the Commons Education Committee as recorded in the Annex to describes market share by Award Board at GCSE and A'level. If you hold information at the level of market share by subject area and level (for example, GCSE English, or GCSE Mathematics) please may I have a copy of this data in electronic form as CSV data or in a spreadsheet file.


Yours faithfully,

Tony Hirst

Alison Townsend, Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation

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Dear Mr Hirst


Further to your recent request for information, made under the Freedom of
Information Act, please find attached Ofqual’s response.


Kind regards




Alison Townsend
Board Secretariat Manager, Ofqual

• Direct: 024 7671 6726 • Office: 0300 303 3344
• 1410 Spring Place, Herald Avenue, Coventry Business Park • Coventry •
West Midlands • CV5 6UB

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